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we can all be heroes
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05 19 13 - peach body
[chungking express] canned pineapples
peach body
691w; slice of life; g (bridget/kiseop)
and yet, to learn kindness after so much unkindness, can that not be called happiness?
a/n: written through tumblr asks, forgive me if the wording is weird, chunky, awful (or all of the previously stated).

the only way you two are connected is by this bus, bus 342, and it is late.Collapse )
new girl
i don't think about you anymore but i don't think about you anyless
636w; slight sci-fi/angst; pg (aj/angeli)
people don't remember to forget.

a/n: a eternal sunshine of the spotless mind au. some twisted coming-of-age story, i guess.

the world could listen in and be jealous, that they didn't have their songs and their gazes and this.Collapse )
10 14 12 - it's gonna be
teen wolf
it's gonna be
841w; angst; vessels
if love means anything to you anymore.
a/n: vessel writing because there are no characters for my emotions.

you show me what it feels like to be lost.Collapse )
09 30 12 - catharsis
911w; dystopian/angst; pg (eli/chrissy)
love is a disease.
a/n: for my lovely chrissy bb, because i never got to get around to finishing anything for her birthday which was eons ago orz. so sorry bb, i hope you'll accept this choppy weirdness u____u based of the universe of lauren oliver's delirium.

destruction cannot be reversed or mended. it can only be built upon.Collapse )

09 25 12 - fugio
doctor who
a/n: four interconnected drabbles for the lovely seofari, told in a present-past way. i'm so sorry these are late, i'm so slow at this orz. i hope you had an amazing birthday and many great ones to come. i am so grateful that you were born into this world. ♥

it’s like flying. the excitement, the fear, the laughter. it’s all a process, albeit a very slow one at times, that one can’t help. but you’ll always remember the way it feels to soar, the way it feels to first step off, the way it feels to crash. and every time, you’ll get up, stronger than before.


goldfish (summer)
430w; angst; pg-13 (bi/alma)
the things that we missed.

in her mind he's like a blurry picture: shot at a good angle but the lighting is all off. if she thinks about it a little longer, she'd say imperfect. but aren't they all?Collapse )

tangerine (autumn)
501w; angst; pg-13 (bi/alma)
maybe you should just stop thinking.

cliche lines. he puts his hand on top of hers and the sun disappears.Collapse )

game of thrones
the tightrope walker's granddaughter
1, 767w; drama/fantasy; pg-13 (kibum/momo)
she creates beautiful things from the ugly.

a/n: super late, i know, one-shot from the request thread i started 500 years ago on rocketboxx. for fashionchik91/momo, i'm sorry it took so long! based heavily off the novel by Laini Taylor called Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

sweet peas are bland, they tell him as they talk the morning away.Collapse )
we are all bruising
1,600w; angst; pg-13 (soohyun/alma)
alma is somewhat aggressive and maybe that's why she's never been soohyun's type.
a/n: for athenasweapon/awings. happy birthday to you, bb ♥ i love you and hope you have a great one and many great ones to come ♥♥♥ (please excuse my fail, as usual ;-;)
and maybe she always will.Collapse )

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